Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers on their win over the Arizona Cardinals. How about that Santonio Holmes, huh? Yours truly is a Cleveland Browns fan, so my focus is on what’s going on in the NBA, right now. But with another sagging halftime performance, the attention was placed on the Super Bowl ads.

The Urban Daily proudly presents its top 5 choices for the best and worst of the Super Bowl spots:


5. Conan O’Brian Ad –

Conan showed why Leno still remains the NBC king of late night with this hodgepodge of corniness. Budweiser may have shelled out some bucks to get Mr. “Not My Thing” on camera, but this one failed to start some chatter.

4. McGruber SNL Pepsi Commercial –

While SNL may have some winning sketches during the 2008 Presidential elections, this Super Bowl dud played upon the 80’s classic television show MacGuyver and ran the joke into the ground. Boo.

3. NBC “Feelin’ Alright” Ad –

Hopefully NBC is “alright” with betting the farm on Heroes newest season making up for last one’s clusterfluck. But applying Joe Cocker’s groovy tunes somehow doesn’t help to tone down the campy-ness of seeing Parkman (Greg Gunberg) and Noah Bennett (Jack Coleman) do a duet.

2. Budweiser Horse Commercial –

This would’ve been funny, charming and all that… only if they hadn’t tried the same concept last year.

1. H&R Block ‘Death’ Commercial –

Right now, people ain’t playing around with money and/or death. So, this was just a bad commentary on the state of the economy. Even Don Lemon knows that this ain’t something to make light of.

Dishonorable Mentions:

GE ‘Wind Energy’ AdThey really ran that ad last year!

E* Trade: Talking BabyThis is getting old, not “inspirational.”

Doritos: Power of the Crunch I was with it until they brought the bus in. Bad punchline?!

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