With Ohio State losing to Kentucky 62-60 on Friday night it is safe to say that everyone’s bracket outside of Lexington is officially busted. However there are still some great stories in the NCAA Tournament. In the pro game the Chicago Bulls keep winning and the New York Knicks keep losing. Is it time to panic in MSG?


most points given up by the Duke Blue Devils in a 93-77 loss to Arizona on Thursday (Mar 24th).

The most points Duke has given up in a game since 1997. Am I the only one who thinks Duke is a bit overrated?


margin of victory in back to back wins by the Chicago Bulls who beat the Sacramento Kings by 40 (132-92) and Atlanta Hawks by 33 (114-81) on back-to-back nights.

The Miami Heat may have straightened out their issues, but Derrick Rose should win the league MVP going away, especially if the Bulls wrap up the number one seed in the Eastern Conference.


the margin of defeat by Duke against Arizona which is the second largest loss by a number one seed in the NCAA tournament.

Who knew Arizona would be this good this fast after long time coach Lute Olsen retired? I didn’t.


as in Elite Eight where the embattled VCU men’s basketball team is headed after defeating Florida Sate 72-71 in overtime on Friday (Mar 25th).

VCU is on a mission. All the College Gameday “experts” were killing the selection committee for giving them a bid over Colorado and Virginia Tech. Well, it is safe to say those schools would have lost by now.

7 and 11

The record of the New York Knicks since trading for Carmelo Anthony including five straight losses and seven losses to teams with losing records including Cleveland, Indiana and Milwaukee twice.

The Knicks are playing hard but are fading in the fourth quarter. If they were beating the teams they were supposed to (read: Cleveland, Indiana, Milwaukee, Detroit) they could easily be fighting for the fifth seed in the East. Also, should head coach Mike D’Antoni start sweating his job yet?


field goals made by University of Connecticut star Kemba Walker in the last 9:18 of the game against San Diego State University. SDSU as a team made only 4 field goals in this same span as Walker outscored the team 16-14.

I keep expecting this guy to get tired after winning five Big East games in five days and running through the NCAA tournament, but it is not happening. The Cavaliers may have their replacement for LeBron (ok,ok  I won’t get too crazy).


times this season the Atlanta Hawks have been beaten by over 30 points on their home floor, most recently by the Chicago Bulls.

This team continues to be embarrassed on national television. I have heard the “home” crowd cheering for the opposing team on numerous occasions. That has got to be disheartening.


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