Everyday there are those wild, crazy and funny viral videos that hit the blogs that keep us laughing or shaking our damn heads. These videos are either caught on tape by someone who just happen to be around to catch footage of the foolery or someone recording themselves in hopes of becoming a internet celebrity.

Check out the list below of the wild, crazy and funny videos from last week March 21-26.

*Warning: Explicit language in some clips!*

Fat Hoe Burger– This woman is making money and keeping her neighbors upset at the same time with her new burger joint that keeps a line outside the door. I don’t know how she does it because the place looks filthy!

Rasputia? Ima Freakyy Fat Bitch! “To Make A Long Story Short I Stuck A Bag Of  Jelly Beans Up My Azz”– If you have seen the movie “Norbit” starring Eddie Murphy, you already know what this is about. Fat Chicks are freaky and want the same treatment skinny girls want in bed as well.

2011 Strippers Steppin It Up For A Dollar: Lil Duval Sets A Stripper On Fire For  $1!– You know these ATL strippers get it crunk and Lil Duval is one of the best assholes alive. Check out the stripper who lets Lil Duval set her ass on fire for a buck!

Spring Break Brawl: Girls Going Crazy Over A Damn Whopper At Burger King In  Panama, FL– I don’t know what you thought but Burger King said have it your way. If they don’t let it be your way, you just wild out!

Prank Of The Week: Boyfriend Pranks His Girl With Fake Piss To Her Face!– This is the type of prank that will get you a beat down. I would not recommend any one try this especially if you are African-American.

Cop Gives A Ticket To A Black Skater For J-Walking While Other People Do It At  The Same Time!– Now I don’t know if this is racial profiling or maybe the cop just didn’t like the skater.

Shocking Clip Of The Week: Man Loses His Face In Electrocution Accident!– Whoa! Now talk about being favored by the man upstairs. This man’s face was electrocuted and he still managed to live. His face is gone but he is still in good spirits.

Rainbow Noise – Imma Homo [User Submitted]–  This group of gay and lesbian rappers is taking ownership of the word “Homo” in the same way some Blacks have adopted the word “nigger.” Maybe it’ll work out better for them…

Stupid: Street Church Pastor Fighter 2 Turbo!– Now this right here is without a doubt stupid and I really didn’t get the title until I checked out the video. This pastor has channeled his inner Ryu.

Ewwww! – You Will Not Believe What This Guy Does When Some Chick Steals His Parking Spot– Now you know you can not be running around taking people’s parking spot all willy nilly now. Someone is bound to get beat down or in this case… Watch the video.


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