If you thought the "Hotline Bling" parodies were left in 2015, you were wrong.

We shouldn’t be surprised when people post selfies. But when rapper Tariq Royal got shot in the head, no one could expect that he’d post a video of what happened on his Facebook page. The Compton rapper said that he and his friends were shot earlier in the month. According to his post, Royal was shot by […]

As disturbing and frustrating as the viral clip of a man declaring that he has been “delivered” from homosexuality at a recent Cogic Convention is, it’s hard to deny one’s instinct to chuckle.  The spectacle is funny, but the spiritual exploitation? Not so much. Consider the optics: A man, who sits at the intersection of […]


It’s going down in Omaha, Nebraska in a very strange way. A video has gone viral of a toddler cursing, making sexual comments and flipping off the camera….and all of it was at his families encouraging. The family posted the video without blurring out the toddler’s identity which prompted the Omaha Police Union to get […]

In the subculture of underground rap battles people take themselves very seriously. Engaging their war of words the combatants get theatrical and hit below the belt whenever possible. (By now you’ve probably seen Loaded Lux deliver “that work.”) But a scene that is that serious leaves itself wide open to parody. Enter Deshawn Raw. His […]

Johnny Gill may soon get his big comeback… sort of. A new viral video called “Do The Johnny Gill” endlessly loops a few seconds of a ill-conceived dance move during a Gill TV performance. If nothing else, it is perhaps the best dance ever invented for people who have the use of only one arm: […]

Everyday there are those wild, crazy and funny viral videos that hit the blogs that keep us laughing or shaking our damn heads. These videos are either caught on tape by someone who just happen to be around to catch footage of the foolery or someone recording themselves in hopes of becoming a internet celebrity. […]

We first heard about Kutiman a couple of years ago when his “ThruYou” video became a viral sensation.  Kutiman, who hails from Israel, makes music using samples only from videos found on YouTube.  His latest video, “My Favorite Color,” continues that tradition and is just as amazing!

Eli Porter’s infamous rap battle is one of the most controversial viral videos in recent years.

If the song, Halloween costume, and performances on BET weren’t enough, Antoine Dodson is now hawking a mobile application that lets you locate registered sex offenders who may be in the surrounding area.

The Christian in me didn't want to laugh at this but... the devil in me had to.