To most people Michael Clarke Duncan is already a superhero. His unmistakable voice and brawn have made him stand outs in films like The Green Mile, Sin City, Daredevil and Armageddon. The Chicago native has been active on the small screen as well, most recently appearing on episodes of “Two And A Half Men.” This summer he will be voicing the brutish alien hero Kilowog in The Green Lantern feature film, but before that he has a kinder, gentler part in a special episode of the Fox series, “Bones.”

On the episode called “The Finder” Duncan plays Leo Knox, an even-tempered former lawyer and philosopher. Early buzz is that this will lead into a spin-off series for Duncan and a chance to bring his 6’ 5” frame into our living rooms on a weekly basis.

One of the best voices in Hollywood took some time to speak with about reuniting with Geoff Stults on “Bones”, supporting Charlie Sheen and why Omarosa is the kind of woman you spend the rest of your life with.


TUD: What can you tell us about your character Leo Knox?

Michael Clarke Duncan: Leo is a former lawyer that is overweight and had some tough times in his life and found a friend, Walter Sherman, who actually mentored him about his temper and things he was getting into. It kind of brought him back to life. He lost weight and he realizes that this guy is true friend. He lost weight and now he rides the tide with him and is also his legal advisor.

So what exactly is a cowboy philosopher?

They changed that. It’s not a cowboy philosopher, he is [simply] a philosopher. They had this thing at first where he was going to be wearing a Cowboy hat, boots and things of that nature but they changed it. So now he’s a strict philosopher, he believes in reading old stories and quoting certain philosophy books when he gets mad and when goes into a battle with someone or something. He comes to the person very nicely and realizes that this is not the way to do things, but if we have to do it “I am going to do it in the nicest way possible.”

Did you have fun with the dichotomy of you being this towering figure spouting philosophy?

Oh without a doubt, I don’t think it works any other way. If you have a guy with my stature and he is a philosopher people are going to say “Wow. I didn’t expect that from him,” to quote certain philosophies before he gets violent. That’s the joke right there. I worked with Geoff Stults who plays the lead character in this movie called “D.E.B.S” and we had so much fun on the set and we threw Saffron Burrows to make our cast look more beautiful. I am the muscle, Jeff is the pretty boy and we have Saffron who is the pretty girl. So everyone knows their role. So somebody has to rebound, so I would take the Dennis Rodman role at the rebounding. So everybody just plays their role, I am the muscle and I like playing that role.

This is your first television gig in a while, correct?

Yeah, I’ve been on television before, I’ve done shows. I did “Two And A Half Men” but this can possible be a spinoff. I’ve never had this opportunity before.

Has that been confirmed?

It hasn’t been confirmed yet. I think they’re just going to wait and see what happens. So when it comes out April 21st, we will see how it goes. It’s all about the fans and how they take to certain characters and what they want to see. Leo is one of the coolest guys I have ever portrayed and I think you’d really like him. He’s not the over the top “I’m gonna crack you in the face” type. He has a fight with a biker guy and he says this line after he beats up the biker guy: “Peace goes into a poet as flour goes into the making of bread.” That what he’s saying as he’s dragging him away.

[His friend] Walter Sherman is not a physical guy; he is a very cerebral guy. He’s always in thought about something. In one scene he’s sitting at a coffee shop and thinking is it decaf or is it not? And the waitress goes “Yeah, look at the packet” and then he replies “What am I just supposed to believe that because it’s on the packet? What is the gov’t really up to”? While I am not even thinking about decaf or not. I don’t care. But Geoff’s character lives off the grid, he doesn’t even have a cell phone. If he does his cell phone number is not even listed and he will probably get rid of it within a week just because he doesn’t want them knowing anything about them, it’s so funny. It’s going to be a really good hour for people so I hope everyone stays tuned in.

You worked on “Two And A Half Men” and they’ve been going through some issues to say the least. Have you spoken with Charlie Sheen recently?

No I left him a message; I told him that whatever he needed that I am here for him. I consider him a great friend of mine and when I was on Two and half men they treated me like royalty. I was on there twice and Charlie treated me very well to not even know me before that personally. So when I see him going through something my heart goes out to him. I feel like I know that guy and he isn’t like that so I have nothing bad to say about Charlie Sheen.

You stole Omarosa from our colleagues at TVONE. How is your ultimate merger going?

Oh man I have never been so much in love than I am now with this woman. This woman is fantastic and she can cook like a chef. And I’m a vegetarian so it’s hard to please my stomach, but she can go down there and whip it up. It’s so wonderful being with someone that you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with. When I say that a lot of people don’t understand that because they don’t know her. I know her on another level and when I say she is perfect for me, I really mean it.

Watch Michael Clarke Duncan on “Bones” Thursday April 21st 9/8c on FOX

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