If you don’t watch football some of you are reading that headline asking “Who is Peyton Hillis?” Good thing for him fans of football and video games have been the ones voting in the Madden 2012 cover contest. The Running Back for the Cleveland Browns was a fantasy football god rushing for 1177 yards and scoring 11 touch downs. He was a bright spot for Cleveland sports fans still smarting from the departure of LeBron James. So it isn’t that surprising that he’s made it to the final round going up against one of the most popular (and productive) quarterbacks in the NFL last season.

However, with the fate of the 2011-2012 football season still undecided the only place we may see these two titans play is on our favorite video game console. So who do you think should grace the cover of Madden 2012? Personally, I’m voting for Hillis because anyone familiar with The Madden Curse knows the winner of this contest is in for a shortened season.  Vick graced the cover in 2004 and broke his leg missing 12 games!

CAST YOUR VOTE HERE and watch video of Vick and Hillis talking about the NFL lockout and the Madden 2012 cover below.


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