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Raven Symone has been making news lately for her dramatic weight loss. The popular actress attributes the successful loss to not stressing. She spoke with host Wendy Williams about her new show Georgia and how she woo’s her men over with a purr.

“I stopped stressing. You have to realize at 15, there was a whole entire show I had on my shoulders. It was a very big cast and crew and if you’re sick for a day, people lose money and that’s a problem. Normal 15-year-olds are worried about who’s going to invite them to the prom but I was worried about taxes and stuff.

[It wasn’t] just over eating because I’ve actually been eating the same. I keep a little bit more smaller portions because I learned that your body has to get rid of that stress some way. Some people break-out, some people lose their hair, some lose weight, some people gain weight, my body just reacted a certain kind of way. Same type of exercising, if any because I don’t like to sweat, it’s the hair.”

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