The Life

Super producer Timbaland is getting healthy and proud of his progress. And so are we! The 43-year-old musical guru has inked his named in history with his unparalleled talent that’s responsible for some of the biggest hits in R&B & hip hop, but his latest accomplishment has him in the spotlight for an entirely different […]


  Legendary rapper and beat box genius Biz Markie recently revealed an incredible weight loss of 140 pounds! He looks great! He appeared on People Magazine’s “People Now” series and shared how he lost the weight, why diabetes isn’t about sugar and more! Listen, never have I ever thought I’d be taking weight loss tips […]


Ricky Rozay may soon have to start going by “Skinny Rozay” after seeing recent pictures of his dramatic weight loss! Rick Ross posted new pictures on Instagram, showing that he’s lost an estimated 100 pounds. He’s looking good!! Back in May, he told Tim Westwood that he has been doing high-intensity cross-fit, which he has […]

Sometimes athletes put on weight after their playing days are over, since they no longer have to stay fit or in shape to play they sport they ‘ve played their entire lives. However there are a few athletes who do the opposite, the ones that lose weight to prolong their career. Some going from fat […]

It looks like basketball players losing weight is the new trend. First it was LeBron James, and now it’s Carmelo Anthony. It’s said that James cut carbs, but what has Melo done to get his weight off? Anthony has been criticized in the past for his weight. Bleacher Report once said that he was “top […]


With reports of rappers suffering seizures and other health related ailments it has driven some to focus on their health and become fit. Most recently rapper Rick Ross lost a significant amount of body weight doing what he called “Ross Fit” after falling ill. So Samir Becic of the Health Fitness Revolution wanted to recognize healthy […]

Celebrity News

  It’s no real secret that Kim Kardashian has been altered in various ways via plastic surgery to look the way she does. Well, now her guy is apparently forbidding her to change anything else with the knife. RELATED: Kim Kardashian Sets The Ultimate Thirst Trap [PHOTOS] We all remember that Kanye lost his amazing mother […]


  Yup! You saw that title correctly no need to go grab your glasses! The current CEO of McDonalds claims that he ate the food from the golden arches everyday and managed to lose 20 pounds! We know what you’re thinking…we hear you! Check out the story in the video below!   We don’t know […]

   “American Idol” winner Ruben Studdard is the latest celebrity looking to shed some pounds, and he will be the first to be featured on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” According to the LA Times, production for season 15 has already started at a ranch in Los Angeles, and Studdard is being whipped into shape by […]