Legendary rapper and beat box genius Biz Markie recently revealed an incredible weight loss of 140 pounds! He looks great! He appeared on People Magazine’s “People Now” series and shared how he lost the weight, why diabetes isn’t about sugar and more! Listen, never have I ever thought I’d be taking weight loss tips from Biz Markie, but alas…here I am.

“I don’t eat as crazy as I used to. I used to eat a whole Entenmann’s cake with a half gallon of milk,” Biz Markie said of his dietary charges. The “Just A Friend” rapper has officially joined the rest of the health-conscious world and has begun sincerely caring about his health. It’s a beautiful thing!

Biz Markie’s biggest tips for weight loss:

1. Cleanse

2. More water in your diet

3. Walk or exercise

Congrats to Biz Markie!

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