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Whether you’re boycotting Cupid’s flower fest or cuddling up with your significant other, you can’t go wrong keeping these DVDs within arms reach this weekend. (If you hate Valentine’s Day this list may be more your speed.)

10) She Hate Me (2004)

Anthony Mackie gets paid to impregnate a group of lesbians, two of which are his former fiancé and her lover.

9)Mo Betta Blues (1990)

An oldie but goodie, Spike Lee made us all want to have sex on a hotel balcony.

8 ) Brown Sugar (2002)

I think Mos Def and Latifah had more chemistry than the Diggs and Lathan, but it’s worth a spin.

7) I Think I Love My Wife (2007)

If you’re gonna cheat on your wife, it might as well be with Kerry Washington. (Chris Rock gives great relationship advice as well.)

6) The Wood (1999)

Sage advice: “When it comes to females, suck, never chew…”

5) The Best Man (1999)

If you sleep with your boy’s woman, don’t write a book about it!

4) Boomerang (1992)

Eddie Murphy is an ad exec that gets turned out by Robin Givens and turns to Halle Berry for comfort. Lucky guy. (R.I.P Eartha Kitt)

3) Jason’s Lyric (1994)

A nude Jada pinkett rolling around in the grass is a definite highlight but Treach torturing fools might be a mood killer.

2) Love and Basketball (2000)

Ladies, play strip basketball with your man and he’ll forget all about All Star Weekend.

1) Love Jones (1997)

Still the standard bearer for urban romance, Theodore Witcher’s only film was sexy, smart and real with one of the best soundtracks/scores around.


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