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” ] Just like the NBA All-Star Week and Drake season, Valentine’s Day is upon us. Tiara Thomas, Raheem DeVaughn and Kat Dahlia shared their definitions of the most romantic day of the year through their music. Rashad Jennings, running back for the New York Giants, gave us his list of action movies with love stories that […]

Superstar singer Jennifer Hudson has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on her upcoming third album. However, even she took a break to spend some quality time with her fiancée WWE wrestler David Otunga. The pair hung out at a Keith Sweat concert in Los Angeles where both were treated to a special surprise. […]

The time has come for men and women to start planning how they are going to show their significant other exactly how deep their love is. Some men show their lady some love by going the wining and dining route. Others will send the kids to their grandparents so they may have a quiet night […]


Valentine’s Day will be here in less than a week. That means Cupid is out and about doing drive-by love connections on people worldwide. It also means that your significant other is expecting some sort of token of appreciation for all the BS they put up with throughout the year. And for what it’s worth, […]

When R&B superstar Usher announced he would be working with producer Diplo, many eyebrows reached for hairlines. Out of that collaboration came the hit Grammy Award-winning single “Climax.” Since they proved to be a winning combo, Usher linked back up with Diplo for a special Valentine’s Day track called “Go Missin’.” The playboy uses his […]

  Marlon Wayans has strong feelings about holidays. Late last year we asked the actor and comedian about Halloween and he  claimed that it as “a pedophile’s homecoming.” In his new movie “A Haunted House” his character Malcolm is trying to save his sex life from a poltergeist. So it only seemed right to get […]

Hip-Hop legend and reality TV star Rev. Run has partnered with Grammy nominated singer and actor Tyrese to release a relationship book called, “Manology.” With two books on parenting and self-help under their belts respectively, the two unlikely partners felt women needed an unfiltered guide to how men think. RELATED: Top 10 Break-Up Scenes In Movies […]


Studies have shown that Valentine’s Day is not only known for pushing diamond ads and boosting already overpriced restaurant sales; it’s also known to be one of the most popular days of the year for break-ups. Yes, that same day when you’re struggling to come up with the most elaborately romantic plan, other dudes are […]

Idris Elba knows good music. The award-winning actor has been moonlighting as a DJ and producer under the name “Big Driis” for many years and “big tunes” are definitely his thing. While being interviewed for his latest movie Ghost Rider:Spirit of Vengeance, we asked him what he would put on his Valentine’s Day playlist. Watch […]

Reality TV star Natalie Nunn has decided that no guy is going to ruin her Valentine’s Day for her. There is no love like self-love, so she has rented a hotel room, ordered room service and ran a hot bath for her to enjoy on the solo tip. But how does it work out for […]