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Since making his first appearance on a rap record in 1998, G. Dep has had a turbulent journey. Dep, once a promising artist on Bad Boy records, has had a career marred by excessive drug use and arrests. Through his experience G. Dep has shown that as ruthless as the music business can me, nothing can compare to the wrath of your inner demons.

G. Dep, short for Ghetto Dependent, signed a five album deal worth $350,000 with Bad Boy Records in 1998. He was featured on Gang Starr’s “The Mall” from their 1998 album The Moment Of Truth and two cuts on Black Rob’s debut, Life Story, in 1999. Dep, born Trevell Coleman, hit the studio with Diddy and Black Rob to craft songs for his debut effort, Child of the Ghetto. One of the winners created was “Let’s Get It.” With its sample of Al Green’s “Love And Happiness” and a video that put the “Harlem Shake” dance on the national map it was an undeniable hit. In fact, it was almost TOO good.

Although meant for G.’s freshman offering, Diddy lived up to his “take that, take that” ad-lib and jacked the song for his disc, The Saga Continues. Diddy’s last solo effort Forever sold well but was nowhere close to the popularity of 1997’s No Way Out and this was his chance to get his “swagger” back.  G-Dep’s debut was finally released in 2001 with “Special Delivery” as the the anchoring single.   That track hit number three on the Hot Rap singles charts and a remix video was released in 2002 in an attempt to extend the life of the album.

During this period Coleman’s personal demons began to resurface. In 2008, Dep revealed to XXL Magazine that he had been arrested more than 25 times since 2003 for drug offenses, burglary, and grand larceny. He said his troubles began out of desperation and the lack of sales of his joint album with Loon entitled, Bad Boy, which was released independently in 2007. Dep was shelved at Bad Boy and needed money to feed his children. Coleman spoke to Ms. Drama about how Diddy called him to the studio that year, telling him he was dropped from the label.

“He called and said, ‘Meet me at the studio. We need to talk.’ He was going through a rough time and had to make decisions. He had to cut off some loose ends and I was just one of them.”

Unfortunately, that was not the end of G-Dep’s struggles. On January 13, 2010,  G. Dep turned himself in and confessed to a shooting that had taken place in 1993. He said that he had attempted to confess twice before, but was thought to be under the influence of PCP and his confession was denied. When indicted on second degree murder charges he pleaded not guilty, citing that he did not realize the victim died from his wounds. He is facing life in prison if convicted.

Sadly, G-Dep was one of the last artists from Bad Boy’s glory days to make headlines and it was for all the wrong reasons.  Red Cafe better take notes.


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