The publicist who handled press during Paris Hilton’s post-jail stint has been hired to do similar damage control for Chris Brown following his alleged violent incident with girlfriend, Rihanna.

Fox411 columnist Roger Friedman has already weighed in with a column critical of Mike Sitrick, Brown’s new spin doctor who apparently has a bad history with the press. Friedman wrote:

“The Hilton-Sitrick connection makes a little sense since I told you last week that my sources insist it was Paris who inadvertently instigated the fight between Brown and Rihanna on the eve of the Grammy Awards.

If it’s a coincidence it’s a big one that Hilton, who texted Brown and set off the fight that left Rihanna bruised and beaten, now has recommended the flack to save Brown’s neck. Sitrick had to step in and fix the mess left by Hilton’s earlier press agent Elliot Mintz when she was getting sprung from jail.

Brown is so clueless he couldn’t know that Sitrick is universally disliked by the press. He’ll win Brown no points in public. On top of that, the statement Strick issued for Brown regarding this whole incident is pretty lame. Rihanna’s name isn’t mentioned once. But Brown takes the press and bloggers to task, accusing them of making things up.

But that’s Sitrick’s way. And it may be that Sitrick was the only flack who would take Brown’s money. I know one press agency that turned him down cold. There were probably others. Flacks don’t generally have consciences, but if they represent well known women who’ve taken stands against domestic abuse, there’s no way they can represent Chris Brown.”

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