Dethroned socialite Paris Hilton recently made “Headlines” for signing to Cash Money records. We’re not sure how much “Crew Love” was partitioned out to make this happen, but we’re sure “Marvin’s Room” was jumping. With the one-time reality star re-igniting her “HYFR” we came up with some possible album titles, first singles and even food […]

New Orleans hip-hop label Cash Money Records is doing everything in their power to diversify their roster of artists. After signing Christina Milian, Busta Rhymes, and Kevin Rudolph, Birdman and Slim are really reaching for the pop audience by signing socialite turned singer Paris Hilton. Yes, you did read that correctly. Paris Hilton is in […]

Rapper Lil Wayne has been known to collaborate with people most fans wouldn’t normally associate with him. Case and point, did you know Lil Wayne co-signed hotel heiress turned celebrity porn actress Paris Hilton by giving her a verse for a song she plans to release on an upcoming album? There are a few things […]

Q-Tip and Biz Markie are two people who were able to transition into respected celebrity DJs, and we hear that Paris Hilton is stepping behind the turntables!

After rumor broke that Paris Hilton had said this about black men “I can’t stand black guys. I would never touch one. It’s gross,” the heiress interviewed one of the most popular black men around–Lil’ Wayne. Paris says this about the opportunity “So excited to read the interview I did with Lil’ Wayne’ in the […]

Paris Hilton‘s racist side rears its ugly head again thanks to a new book by bestelling author Neil Strauss. In Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead, Strauss recalls a conversation with Hilton in which she called black men “gross.”

Sex sells, we get that– but can you sing, dance, run, jump or do anything worth a second look?

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