Paris Hilton has made a comical attempt at rapping in a cameo performance on Snoop Dogg’s reality show Dogg After Dark.

Pretending to be a barmaid, Hilton raps several lines from behind a bar until rap star Snoop takes over.

She raps: “Yo what’s up? My name’s P Hizzle. I’m chillin’ in the clizzle with my homeboy Snoop Dizzle.”

He’s sexy, he’s fine, he’s the man of our time. I love him, I love being in the club, I’m serving drinks, and I’m a thug.”

Hilton has released several singles, including Stars Are Blind, as well as an album.

She is the star of an infamous leaked sex tape with her then boyfriend, Rick Soloman.

What do YOU think of Paris Hilton’s rapping? Check out the video below:


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