Well, the digital revolution has begun. Some states have already started the transition from analog TV to a digital signal. Yes, you can still use your old TV if it’s hooked up to cable, but isn’t this a great excuse to hit Walmart and blow a stimulus check on a new OLED TV? Here are some suggestions on what to do with your old tube TV.

10. Freecycle. ( Have one of your neighbors come and get that 50 inch monstrosity from the 90s and let them figure out how to get it down the stairs.

9. Hook up your old Atari 2600 and Super Nintendo systems to it (you know they jacked up the reception on it anyway) and host “throwback” parties for your thirty-something year old friends.

8. Tell grandma, or whoever is living in your basement, that they get the “big” TV now.

7. Slap an old UPN logo on the screen and donate it to a museum.

6. When the picture gets all snowy from not being connected to cable tell your little brother he’s going to die in 24 hours for looking at the screen.

5. Take out the screen and do puppet shows. Or recruit your little sister to play Poltergiest.

4. Break out the sledge hammer and get revenge for all of the wasted hours adjusting those rabbit ears and the wire hanger antennae.

3. “Throw a TV at somebody, crazy” (Keep it thorough, Casey!)

2. Take the pliers you were using to change the channels and actually fix some shit in your house.

1. Use it as a laptop stand and start watching Youtube like the rest of the world, you luddite.

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