The 2011 BET awards went down last night, Sunday June 26 at the Shrine auditorium in LA. Lets just say the greatest show on earth is still at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus. Funny man Kevin Hart did his thing but even he could not save the BET Awards from becoming the EBT Awards. There were too many awkward and funny moments that it was hard for me to chose just a few. There were too many fashion fails and some serious epic fails that went down during the show. I decided to narrow it down to the fails that literally made people either uncomfortable or just with blank stares on their faces. Check out the photos and list below of the EPIC FAILS from the 2011 BET Awards.

Cherrelle & Alexander O’Neal performing “Saturday Love”– Why would BET pull Alexander O’Neal on stage to perform straight from Dr. Drew’s Rehab center.  This performance was very crack-ish. Where are his teeth?

Rocsi Diaz all purpose dress– Is it just me, or was Rocsi dressed like she was the star of Lion King on ice.  I don’t know but everyone on twitter said she got the fit from Wet Seal. Maybe they gave her some free wears for the promo.

Busta Rhymes brain vest– Now Busta is known for wearing some weird fits and last night was not unusual. Busta went rap Lady Gaga on us yesterday wearing a brain vest in the audience and becoming a human accordion during his performance with Chris Brown. Look at him now.

Chris Brown Onesie Tuxedo– Yeah Chris Brown made the list again. Breezy played himself two times over when he joined Big Sean on stage wearing a onesie tuxedo. Chris Brown’s BET Awards fits were just awful. And what was he doing on that damn bike??

Lil Wayne American Flag boxers and One Sock– Weezy F. clearly does whatever he wants to do and during his “I’m On One” performance with DJ Khaled, Drake and Rick Ross Weezy skipped around the stage wearing American flag boxers and one black and white checker sock.

Cee-Lo Green dressed as Patti LaBelle and cussing– Cee-Lo Green literally came out dressed like Patti Labelle. I mean even down to her permed out spike hair. You can tell Patti was loving it! Things went a bit south when The Dungeon Family member started cussing up a storm. BET didn’t catch any of the cuss words and I don’t think they intended on it.

Viewers Choice Award– Tiffany Greene, a big Nicki Minaj fan, was chosen to give out the BET Viewers Choice Award. Things went left when the tablet said Chris Brown but the teleprompter said Rihanna.  Then Drake ended up winning the award. However, at the end of the show Kevin Hart revealed that the winner really was Chris Brown. Once again the EBT awards know how to start some mess to keep their ratings up.

Trey Songz drooling and slurping on Kelly Rowland’s neck– Trey Songz and Kelly Rowland just may have had one of the hottest performances of the night. I know I am not the only one who caught how Trey Songz had become a perverted old man at the end of the performance, trying to nibble on Kelly Rowland’s neck as they went down.

Diggy Simmons dance number– I did not know Diggy Simmons had big plans to become the rapping Chris Brown. We were all hype about Diggy coming into the rap game because he could actually flow. Now he just totally put himself into the category of being a popcorn bubble gum artist.

Nicki Minaj pretending she had competition– Nicki Minaj accepted her award and tried to deliver a speech pretending there was competition in the female rap category. The audience did not buy it one bit. They broke out into laughter after Nicki started her speech off with “Wow, I can’t believe I won.”

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