An estimated 50 women have accused Cosby of sexual assault. Some of his longtime fans and supporters, however, have never bought into the allegations.

Rapper/singer Cee-Lo Green‘s wallet is feeling the consequences of not fulfilling his contractual obligations. The former “The Voice” judge signed on to perform in Arkansas for a set amount of time and when he didn’t perform as long as the contract stipulated, the concert promoter refused to pay him. According to reports, Green performed at […]

The alternative Hip-Hop duo Gnarls Barkley is finally reuniting. Lead singer Cee-Lo Green shared the news early Sunday morning when he arrived at LAX.   According to the singer and judge of “The Voice,” the duo will reunite next year. A lot of fans are excited for the Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse to get back […]

  There’s good news and bad news for Grammy Award-winning rapper/singer Cee-Lo Green. He was recently cleared of a sexual assault charge. However, he has been charged with possession of Ecstasy pills. According to reports, the Los Angeles District Attorney will reject the sexual assault case against him later today. In case you don’t remember, […]

The King of the South T.I. and his hometown brother Cee-Lo Green joined forces on a track acknowledging their haters. Titled “Hello,” T.I. uses the few minutes of the song to stunt. Cee-Lo adds a smooth vocal to Tip’s tough rhymes about keeping his eyes on the prize of success over a Pharrell produced beat. […]

The woman accusing Cee-Lo Green of sexual battery secretly taped  a conversation with the “Forget You” singer in which he allegedly admits  slipping her a drug – possibly Ecstasy (aka  MDMA)– and having sex with her, sources told The accuser claims the 38-year-old “The Voice” judge, whose real  name is Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, brought […]

Cee-Lo Green’s last album may have been called “The Lady Killer,” but someone is accusing the judge on “The Voice” of being less than a gentleman. According to TMZ, a woman is claiming that the “F*ck You” singer sexually assaulted her and the LAPD is investigating her claims at a local restaurant. However, Cee-Lo has […]

Cee-Lo Green is releasing a Christmas album called “Cee-Lo’s Magic Moment” on October 30th and the first single, “All I Need Is Love” features none other than The Muppets. The song contains a sample of Piero Umiliani’s “Mah Nà Mah Nà,” which was featured in the premiere of “The Muppet Show” in 1976.  Did anyone […]

Singer/rapper Cee-Lo Green came under fire recently when he performed at a fundraiser for President Obama. Cee-Lo performed his hit song “F**k You” for a room full of Obama supporters. While some enjoyed the performance, others were outraged because they felt Cee-Lo should’ve done the clean version. Cee-Lo stopped by The Tom Joyner Morning Show […]

King of the South T.I. is on a heavy promotional trail for his upcoming album Trouble Man. The album, which is due to hit stores on December 18th, was rumored to have a slew of guests featured. T.I. sat down with Fuse TV and confirmed collaborations with Andre 3000, Pink, Cee-Lo Green, and R. Kelly, […]

Cee-Lo may need a lesson in political decorum.  During a fundraiser for President Obama, the R&B singer dropped the  F-bomb and flipped the bird when he performed “F*ck You.”  The event was hosted by director Tyler Perry Friday evening, and attended by by the Atlanta elite. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney refused to comment […]