There’s good news and bad news for Grammy Award-winning rapper/singer Cee-Lo Green. He was recently cleared of a sexual assault charge. However, he has been charged with possession of Ecstasy pills.

According to reports, the Los Angeles District Attorney will reject the sexual assault case against him later today. In case you don’t remember, a woman alleged she and Cee-Lo went out to a sushi restaurant and during the meal, he slipped an Ecstasy pill into her drink. The woman claims the next thing she knew she was naked in Cee-Lo’s bed.The police had trouble finding evidence to support her case because Cee-Lo and the woman had been dating for a few months and had already began a sexual relationship. Cee-Lo adamantly denied the sexual assault allegations and welcomed a full investigation into the matter. The D.A. had to throw the case out due to a lack of evidence.

While being cleared of sexual assault is wonderful, Cee-Lo is still facing a furnishing Ecstasy charge, which is a felony. In her initial police report, the woman accusing Cee-Lo of assault said she was in possession of a taped recording where Cee-Lo can be heard talking about the alleged incident. In said conversation, Cee-Lo makes references to the drug and the D.A. is using that as an admission to his drug use, despite him never having said anything about putting Ecstasy in the woman’s drink.

Although the woman will be mentioned in the criminal complaint about the Ecstasy, the D.A, doesn’t intend to say Cee-Lo had any intent to harm the woman when he shared the drug with her.

We’ll see how this turns out for “The Voice” star.



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