Nivea wants black men to “re-civilize” themselves by adhering to Nivea guidelines and style experts who think this is how a black man should look:

As you can see an Afro and beard would make black men appear too close to barbaric even though this is how most black men’s hair would naturally grow in. The black community is up in arms and even though Nivea has apologized and admitted that the ad was inappropriate people are questioning if Rihanna should cancel her Nivea endorsement. Rihanna reportedly received five million dollars from the skin mavens who also sponsored her tour.

Why This Nivea For Men Ad Is “Uncivilized” [OPINION]

We have seen plenty cases where after a celebrity who is endorsing a major product does something publicly inappropriate, are dropped faster than you can remember them being apart of the brand. So should it be the same if a company does something unflattering?

Should Rihanna cancel Nivea faster than Nike canceled Mike Vick?

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