With all of Wayne's success he sure has had even better luck with the ladies. He's batting a perfect average with these ladies, but which babymomma is the baddest?

Nivea wants black men to “re-civilize” themselves by adhering to Nivea guidelines and style experts who think this is how a black man should look: As you can see an Afro and beard would make black men appear too close to barbaric even though this is how most black men’s hair would naturally grow in. […]

Nivea For Men has been running a campaign aimed at getting men to step their grooming game up called “Look Like You Give A Damn.” As Madison Avenue is well aware, men are pigs, and if they are making an attempt to brainwash us into buying something we don’t want, they feel the need to […]

Last night after Nivea left Toya and Memphitz wedding in Atlanta, reports that she “crashed her cream BMW X6 into a tree around 1 am near Marietta St. and Bolton Rd.” There was a small child in the car and when arrested for DUI Nivea told the offier “”B*tch I Could Buy Your Job Hoe!” Toya […]

Lil Kim recently celebrated the release of her Black Friday mixtape at a party in Atlanta. Lil’ Kim hopped on the mic to spit some verses and even got some love from one of Lil’ Wayne‘s baby-mamas, Nivea.

Sean Garrett had a listening party for his new mix tape, The Inkwell.

The concept is cute–the whole pilot, captain, shoulder pads theme, but the execution is horrible.