Keri Hilson is rumored to be a diva, in fact if you speak to some females they will tell you they hate her even though they don’t know her! Keri was involved in an altercation with her personal assistant after her assistant didn’t remove a store tag from the back of her harem pants which Keri wore during a performance. It is alleged by Page Six that Keri stormed off stage enraged! “Hilson lost it,” the source said. “She was screaming at her assistant for ‘not being able to do anything right.’ [She] railed that the assistant also forgot to ‘pack her eye drops and throat spray.’ ” Keri’s unidentified assistant didn’t back down though, she retorted Keri’s verbal assault saying “Oh, hell no, heiffer!”

Keri’s bodyguard and manager had to jump in between the two ladies before things got out of hand. Keri’s rep responded to the allegations saying “Keri did ask her assistant to bring her eye drops/throat spray as she was feeling under the weather, but there was no altercation. Keri has had the same road staff, from assistant to security, for a few years now.”

Aside from Keri’s rumored “divaness” was she right to press her assistant?

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