It’s been said, the only thing constant is change.  Many artists showcase their  growth and progression by trying new sounds in music. Rihanna, like most female celebrities, embraces change by experimenting with her look and style.

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Taking a cue from the ladies, the men have started upgrading their swag. When Jay-Z spit, “Used to rock a throwback, ballin’ on the corner/Now I rock a teller suit looking like a owner,” brothers took heed and moved on. But before they started rocking $3,000 Italian suits, they needed to allow the clippers to grace their scalps. When one man chopped his Cicely Tyson in “Sounder” braids off, others decided it was time to leave the cornrows in the 2000s with the throwbacks, white tees seven sizes too big, and grills. Check out the musicians and athletes who traded in the braids for the fade.

Ladies, which do you prefer: a man with or without braids? Who in our gallery looks the best with a short haircut? Sound off in the comments.

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