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  The internets have been set ablaze over new pictures of Beyonce with longer hair than she had a week ago. We sort of think people need to understand that Queen Bey has been doing this all along so this is not new for her. The people who are freaking out about the longer hair […]

New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne has made a huge change to his look. Pictures of the Young Money leader with a small afro surfaced online. Weezy recently cut off his lengthy dreadlocks. Lil wayne was spotted at Atlanta rapper Big Boi‘s birthday party with the short hairdo and when Big Boi posted the photo on […]

It’s been said, the only thing constant is change.  Many artists showcase their  growth and progression by trying new sounds in music. Rihanna, like most female celebrities, embraces change by experimenting with her look and style. Find Out How To Get It Straight HERE! Taking a cue from the ladies, the men have started upgrading […]

Ray J sure knows how to keep us talking! Take a look at his new haircut, which has us scratching our heads.