New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne has made a huge change to his look. Pictures of the Young Money leader with a small afro surfaced online. Weezy recently cut off his lengthy dreadlocks.

Lil wayne was spotted at Atlanta rapper Big Boi‘s birthday party with the short hairdo and when Big Boi posted the photo on Instagram, the internet started going nuts. Short-haired Weezy comes as a shock to his supporters because he has famously rapped about his hair in damn near every guest appearance he’s made since he started growing the dreads during the first “Carter” album.

Check the photo below. What do you think of the new Lil Wayne? We happen to think he is rocking the “Pookie from ‘New Jack City.'” Send us your thoughts!

UPDATE: We’ve been had! Weezy didn’t cut his hair. According to MTV, he just pulled it back into an unkempt ponytail. Let’s chalk this one up to wishful thinking!


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