The barbershop is a social, economic, and communal hub in the black community. It’s where people of all walks of life meet to break bread while a master sculptor makes sure your Tinder date or job interview goes incredibly well. Rule number one is never cross your barber. All the other rules are see rule […]

We all know what going to the barbershop basically entails: you show up, sit down in the barber chair, get your haircut, pay the barber and leave. Well, in a black barbershop, getting your haircut is only the warm up act to what really goes on in the shop. Everything from the how to deal […]

Not only have barbershop’s become a place for dudes to just hang out, but a spot to simply try out some new looks. It’s common to spot another guy in a chair nearby and go for a similar cut. The cast of  Barbershop: The Next Cut is no different, with a bevy of hair and beard styles […]

  Barbershops are exclusive clubs that were designed to be the ultimate clubhouse for MEN. In a barbershop, fellas can bond and be honest about their thoughts and feelings without the prying scrutiny of womanhood poking away at their souls. There’s literally nothing else to do in a barbershop but talk sh*t with your comrades, […]

New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne has made a huge change to his look. Pictures of the Young Money leader with a small afro surfaced online. Weezy recently cut off his lengthy dreadlocks. Lil wayne was spotted at Atlanta rapper Big Boi‘s birthday party with the short hairdo and when Big Boi posted the photo on […]

What do you consider a true lyricist? Is there a difference between a rapper and an MC?  In the last of our “Come Around My Way” barbershop clips the shop patrons in Philly discuss everything from where is the best place to meet a woman to what is the difference between a rapper and a […]

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The NBA Playoffs are in full swing and everyone has an opinion on who they thing will take home the Larry O’Brien Championship trophy. Our friends  at Mecca Unisex Salon in Philly definitely weighed in on the topic and NBA player style. Who do you have taking it all? Watch more videos from our “Come Around […]