Not only have barbershop’s become a place for dudes to just hang out, but a spot to simply try out some new looks. It’s common to spot another guy in a chair nearby and go for a similar cut. The cast of  Barbershop: The Next Cut is no different, with a bevy of hair and beard styles that are all dope in their own way.

Based on the Barbershop: The Next Cut cast, which hits theaters April 15th, here are some grooming tips to keep your cut looking as tight as possible.

Ice Cube

One of the original West Coast gangster rappers, Ice Cube has been rocking some form of facial hair for the better part of his storied rap (and acting) career. Aside from the afro he rocked in the late 2000s, Cube has always kept his hair relatively trim. And as the owner of Calvin’s Barbershop it’s only right that he rock a classic cut. Cube pairs a simple dark Caesar haircut with full goatee. Not only is the cut simple, but it’ll never go out of style.


Common‘s rapping abilities are just as iconic as his bald head, which is commonly referred to as a “baldy.” And like many other dudes with a hairless scalp, Common has played around with different types of facial hair over the past two decades. Even though he switches it up quite often, the goatee is his main stay. More than anyone else, bald dudes opt for some type of facial to add some sort of definition to their faces. Common steps it up a notch with a longer cut on the chin.

Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson rocks one of the cleanest cuts possible. Anderson’s got a full beard and just connects it to his head hair. What makes his extra clean is that his head hair is darker than his beard creating a seamless fade effect. Though a dope cut, remember that this style requires a lot of up keep. But as fresh as it is, it’s well worth it.

Cedric The Entertainer

Cedric The Entertainer may be rocking a fake beard, but it doesn’t matter because he’s embracing the grey. As beards continue to become popular and accepted in more aspects of society people of every age have tossed the clippers to the side. Akin to Rick Ross, the full beard is only for the manliest of men. Even if you’re rocking a few grey hairs or are full-on grey like Rick Fox, rock it with pride.

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