Shad Moss has gone from Lil’ Bow Wow to Bow Wow, from heartthrob to heart-breaker(so we hear) and mastered the art of acting in the 13 years he has been in the industry. Snoop Dogg introduced him to the game and Bow Wow has never forgotten it! His reverence for the “Dogg-father” is admirable.

Bow started out as a pup “bouncing” on the music scene and ruling the stage on 106 & Park. He has grown into a business man, a proud father and is currently signed to Cash Money records under Lil Wayne and Birdman who he calls the “Big Homie.”

While Bow Wow holds a certain coveted spot in his heart for the XXL Magazine cover which he has yet to receive, he reflects on why he is “Underrated” in the industry, Angela Simmons and the female that changed his whole mentality.

I’ll tell you one thing, being underrated doesn’t effect his confidence, it still radiates through his conversation and swag. It’s like he is in a world all his own!

How hard is it to go from rapping to acting then back to rapping?

It’s not as hard as people think it is. It’s really about preparation. I’ve been doing it so long it’s just apart of my every day living, it’s like waking up every morning and brushing your teeth.

As an actor how do you prepare for certain roles?

I don’t, that’s the funny thing. I just do it. I become the character. I’ve never had an acting coach, I never really plan on having one. I just always figured acting was supposed to come natural. I never prepare for a movie ever. I think the only time I will prepare for a movie is when it’s something out the box like if I had to speak with an accent or something.

There is a scene in “Madea’s: Big Happy Family” where Teyana Taylor is on The Maury Show, do you watch the Maury show?

No, it’s so repetitive every morning you turn it on and they’re going to boot camp or trying to figure out who their baby daddy is. It’s the same thing all the time.

So do you think that scene perpetuated the stereotype of the single black mother, how did you feel about having to act in that scene?

I ain’t feel no kind of way. I figured like it’s something that is real, I grew up without my father. I don’t think too much of it, I didn’t look at it like it was offensive.

You are a father, how important is it for you to be in your daughter’s life and set certain examples so she isn’t on Maury in a couple of years looking for her baby-father?

Oh No that won’t happen! It’s very important because I was one of the unfortunate ones to grow up without a father. Especially for a girl, because they need that guidance from their father, if not they gonna get it from someone else and that’s not what you want.

At one point you were tweeting about committing suicide, after you had your daughter you changed. Where do you think your mentality would be if she hadn’t come into this world?

It would be the same. She definitely sparked a plug in me. I think before my daughter I was definitely doing this and that, out running around. I think that’s why people look at me differently now even my fam is like ‘wassup you don’t act the  same.’ I got a little me here now. I got to make sure she good for the rest of her life. Everyday I wake up, I think it’s about her,other than that its about me working, trying to be the best rapper, best actor, best person I can be. I definitely had an attitude change, an attitude adjustment. I’m more serious now. Nobody stays the same forever.

You are currently signed to Cash Money, why Cash Money Vs Young Money?

Me and Birdman had a big homie/lil’ homie relationship, even on my third album I had him featured on my single ‘Lets Get Down.’ We just always kept in touch. I always called him for guidance. I decided I wanted to leave Columbia records (which I decided to do) and he was the first person I called. Me and Wayne always been cool too. We all one big family. Im YMCMB there no big difference.

Wayne is having beef right not, what is your comment on the current beef, do you think Jay-Z should respond?

You know I’m YMCMB all day!” Bow Wow says proudly. “I think that’s what everyone wants to see[Jay-Z Respond]; both of them are at the top of their games, Wayne’s a heavy weight, Jay’s a heavy weight. Two different rappers, two different fan bases at the same time,” he continues. “For the peoples sake they want to see it because they want to be entertained by it. At the end of the day you know where I stand with it, YMCMB, you already know!”

You’ve been in the industry for years, why the title Underrated for this album?

Well it’s how I feel. Me I look at things and ask questions like ‘What will a XXL cover be like?’ I be seeing the cover with rappers that have never sold records or ever went gold in they entire careers; but have gotten like 3 covers and I’m looking like how the hell?! I sold 12 million albums went on six tours, sold out madison square garden seven times, and how the hell I don’t get no XXL cover? Every time I reach out they always got something say on why.

Are you basing it off skill? cause I know some of these nigg*s cant rap better than me, at the end of the day what are you basing it off? I don’t get that nod like I should get, but we gon’ get it this time even if we got to take it!

Who’s on the album?

Game, Wayne, Stunna, Chris [Brown] and Boys II Men (that record is crazy). I just got out the studio with Polow Da Don. I’m even working with the homie Justin Bieber and working with the homie Big Sean. I feel like this album is definitely my best album. It’s more mature, more real and it’s the truth. It’s everything that everybody wants know. I’m just laying it down on the line.

Your baby mother says she met you on Twitter. Will you ever pursue another woman off Twitter after that?

Oh nah [laughs]. She’s cool. I don’t have problems like that with my baby mother, everything is all good.

Best advice Wayne has given you:

None, I think it’s hard for anyone to give me advice, I’ve been doing it for so long. I’m kind of like a young veteran myself. What these rappers do, I’ve done it 3 times. There’s only one person I take advice from and that’s Snoop. That’s like my Hip Hop OG. Sometimes I get a DM from Snoop and he be like ‘I need you to tweet this’ and I be like dang I gotta tweet this for my uncle, because of the love I got for him. That’s like family there.

Celebrity Crush:

Angela Simmons [Laugh] Na I’m just playing I ain’t got none, none at all. Besides everybody is taken anyway I don’t want to be no home wrecker!

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