Meet J. She’s Black. And she’s Awkward.  From the creative genius of Issa Rae, comes the hilarious web series, “The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl.” Forget the weaves, materialism and cat fights–“Awkward Black Girl” brings much needed balance to the current depictions of African-American women in film and on TV.  The series follows J as she tries to deal with her various dysfunctional co-workers: a culturally insensitive boss who compares her ‘fro to pubic hair, a stuck-up and snotty manager (Nina), and her unrequited crush on the office hottie, Fred.

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Episode 1–“The Stop Sign”: J introduces herself and walks us through the awkwardness of the stop-sign.

Episode 2–“The Job”: J confronts her issue with passive aggressiveness at the workplace.

Episode 3–“The Hallway”: J attempts to pursue her office crush and navigates the awkwardness of the hallway.

Episode 4–“The Icebreaker”: J and Cece’s friendship develops, while NIna finds her own ally in the office.

Episode 5–“The Dance”: J awkwardly struggles through her work crush’s birthday party.

Episode 6–“The Stapler”: Unable to properly deal with her personal frustration in the workplace, J is sent to anger management.

Episode 7–“The Date”: J embarks on her first “White Date” with Jay.

Episode 8–“The Project”–As J deals with the awkwardness of talking to Fred, CeCe is faced with an overly religious co-worker.

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