In just 15 months, Money And Violence has gone from an addictive local web series brought to life by a group of authentic Brooklynites with a camera and mic, to the top of Jay Z’s YouTube playlist and according to the show’s creator, this is only the beginning. We caught up with self-taught filmmaker and Money and […]

Watching the Money & Violence web series is a lot like eating an entire bag of cookies in one sitting. You know every bite is bad for you, but you keep eating anyway. With each episode of Money & Violence, you know that nothing on the screen will enhance you in any way, but it’s really hard to turn it off. […]

“Mad Men” main character Don Draper has become the best in his field of advertising during the 60s by being unscrupulous and quick witted. He also survived the time because he was all of those things on top of being white man. Before you think I’m about to go on a bitter diatribe about race, […]


Reebok Classics continues their partnership with Rickie Jacobs through the Reasons to Smile Webisode Series. Each episode will highlight something in Rickie’s life that brings him great joy as he looms closer to the February drop of his new album  Remember to Smile.  Check out the first episode by Samuel Rogers below!     Twitter: @RickieJacobs  @ReebokClassics Audiomack:   READ […]

  Fresh from an impactful performance in the hit movie, “Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” rapper and actor David Banner is continuing his mission to produce his own  media projects. As part of his 2M1 movement he has released the first installments of a live-action superhero series called “Walking With Gods,”  about a man named Alex Light […]

This is a day we knew was coming. After the runaway success of Issa Rae’s online series “Misadventures Of Awkward Black Girl” it was only a matter of time before her talents would make their way to television. RELATED: Issa Rae On Being Awkward Vs Being A Nerd [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO] According to Deadline, Issa Rae will […]

  Welcome to the new frontier in Black entertainment!  While  television networks  attempt to catch up in representations of people of color (“Scandal” and “Deception”),  a bumper crop of black web series are filling the gap.  With the success of Issa Rae and “Awkward Black Girl”,  black filmmakers and writers have turned to the web […]


The popular web series Finding My Obama kicks off the New Year with a new episode! Nefetari Spencer (Nef), who’s had starring roles in “The Bernie Mac Show” stars in a web series about a young L.A. woman determined to find her own prince charming. In episode six, Nef meets an older woman who and […]

In the next installment of Al Thompson’s “Lenox Avenue” web series Owen and the fellas learn that they shouldn’t play with their food.  Sellars is also learning that this whole wedding thing might not be going as well as he’d hoped. (NSFW) Watch more WebTV on Fear Of A Black Santa: “The Unwritten Rules” […]

In the next episode of “The Unwritten Rules,” Racey’s co-workers start tripping when she decorates her cubicle with a Black Santa Claus named Leroy. Watch more Black web series on Finding My Obama: A Web Series About Finding Mr. Right Office Politics: Should You Always Contribute To The Gift? [VIDEO] What Happens When You […]


Ladies, are you looking for you very own Barack? Well then this web-series is definitely for you! Lead actress Nefetari Spencer, who’s had small roles in “The Bernie Mac Show” plays Nef, a Chicago raised, L.A. transplant starring in “Finding My Obama.” The Internet show takes place “somewhere in LA” and follows Nef as she navigates […]