“Mad Men” main character Don Draper has become the best in his field of advertising during the 60s by being unscrupulous and quick witted. He also survived the time because he was all of those things on top of being white man. Before you think I’m about to go on a bitter diatribe about race, hear me out.

If Don Draper were a black man, he most definitely wouldn’t have succeeded as an advertising executive in the 1960s. Racism was very prevalent at the time and at most, all you would see is a black man being a janitor or serviceman in the ad agency’s building. You’d never see a black man pitching ideas.


Dailymotion thought about what would happen if Don Draper were a black man and turned it into a pilot for their original programming initiative. Titled “Mad Black Men,” the comedy series finds comedian Pierre starting his first day at an advertising agency and all of the racism he encounters while trying to make a way for his family.

Check the trailer below. Would you watch the show?

Now take a look at the first part of episode one.


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