The drama between Shaunie O’ Neal, producer and creator of Basketball Wives and cast member Kimsha Artest (Ron Artest’s wife) has hit it’s breaking point! A source of MTO alleges that Kimsha “put hands” on Shaunie after Kimsha asked Shaunie to make sure producers didn’t make her look bad on the show. Shaunie allegedly acted as if she had no control over the situation which infuriated Kimsha. According to another insider, Kimsha has also been blackballed from the show.

Kimsha wrote on Facebook:

“i see they cut me off the show and left buckle a** b****s. shaunie oneal can kiss my a**. she kisses a** to that evelyn b***h and gets the b***h who f*****d her husband and cut her a cheque but cant handle a real woman. FOH!”

“I’m getting asked a lot of questions. I ain’t got time for the bulls**t. It is what the fuck it is. Ya’ll need to take it to Ms Shaunie. I will keep my mouth zipped right now.”

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