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Shaunie O’ Neal‘s younger boyfriend Marlon may have been caught cheating with “Basketball Wives LA” sex-pot Draya Michelle! MUST READ: Shaunie O’Neal Blindsided By Basketball Wives Firings A suspect Twitter exchange between Marlon and Draya has folks wondering if the two are messing around behind Shaunie’s back. Draya and Marlon were direct messaging one another when […]

Shaunie O’ Neal welled up with tears in this exclusive clip of the “Basketball Wives” reunion show as she spoke to Jennifer about the whole…

In Shaquille O’Neal‘s fourth book, Shaq Uncut: My Story, Shaq said he always cheated “respectfully” on his ex-wife Shaunie O’Neal!?!?! Shaq explained what cheating “respectfully” means and shared his thoughts on Shaunie’s “Basketball Wives” reality shows. Hear what Nnete had to say about it in this edition of That’s What’s Up from our sister site […]

The drama between Shaunie O’ Neal, producer and creator of Basketball Wives and cast member Kimsha Artest (Ron Artest’s wife) has hit it’s breaking point! A source of MTO alleges that Kimsha “put hands” on Shaunie after Kimsha asked Shaunie to make sure producers didn’t make her look bad on the show. Shaunie allegedly acted […]

Shaunie O’Neal executive producer of VH1’s “Basketball Wives,” wrote a commentary for CNN about the negative portrayal of black women on reality TV. Despite the drama that unfolds on her own show, Shaunie doesn’t feel “Basketball Wives” portrays black women in a negative light.  Shaunie says watching reality television is a guilty pleasure of hers […]

VH1’s Basketball Wives season 3 is set to air on VH1 May 30th at 8pm est. As usual they waste no time getting to the drama. Tami and Evelyn are fighting over “You Are Non muthaf*cking factor T-Shirts.” Evelyn is also trying to have kids with OchoCino, twins to be exact. Jennifer is looking for […]

Chris Bosh put a quick stop to his baby mother Allison Mathis’ involvement with Shaunie O’ Neal’s “Basketball Wives” on VH1. Bosh filed a lawsuit against Allison to prevent her from even going on the show but Shaunie O’ Neal says “Chris must like to waste money because Allison was never a cast member.” Shaunie […]

Gloria Govan and Shaunie O’Neal share more than just the screen on VH1’s Basketball Wives–the two women share a certain hatred with one another. During one of the “Basketball Wives” episodes Gloria and Shaunie got into a verbal altercation during lunch where both of the “non-wives” disrespected each other and boyfriends. The Basketballs Wives should […]