With BlackPlanet voicing their opinion about Neffe speaking on the media controversy, you have to give it up to the gal for talking about it with such maturity and wisdom.

The family spearheaded by the success of Keyshia Cole has allowed for the family to come a looonnngg way from livin’ it up in the Bay. With mo’ money, though, comes mo’ problems and here are just a few of the craziest moments the “Keyshia Cole” family has shown us:

5. Keyshia Cole “Disses” Young Jeezy:

While promoting her latest album, Keyshia shoots a thinly veiled diss to the Prime Minister, Young Jeezy. Most of you guys here at The Urban Daily had your own opinion. What do YOU think now?

4. Neffe Replies To The Haters:

Even though you may not look at this as “crazy” when compared to the rest of the list, Keyshia’s sister having her fifth child in the wake of Octo-Mom is an interesting topic and you guys found it to be an interesting conversation.

3. Mr. Chow’s Gets Loose:

After the paparazzi tried to catch up with Keyshia Cole and her family at Mr. Chow’s – the R&B vixen bounced out leaving the family to the mercy of the cameras… and boy did they show out!

2. Keyshia Cole’s Sister Calls Sanaa Lathan A _____!:

Sister Deewana was out and about while the cameras were rolling homegirl not only managed to talk reckless about the beautiful Sanaa Lathan, but she also didn’t get a flying fluck about the scenario.

1. Frankie Goes Wild:

Hello, Beautiful went nutso about this video where Frankie (Keyshia’s mom) went wild at a house party in Atlanta. With this type of behavior, I’m surprised that Keyshia hasn’t been seen out with them less and less.

What do YOU think?! Are these crazy moments? Or are they just being ‘real’…? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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