It is not looking good for the NBA. The entire preseason has been cancelled and Commissioner David Stern has threatened the loss of regular season games if a deal is not reached by Monday (Oct. 10th). A few of the league’s high profile players have already sensed the season was in jeopardy and signed on to play overseas. Turns out Stephon Marbury and Allen Iverson had a crystal ball. Sure no NBA team wanted to touch them with a ten-foot pole the last two years, but joke’s on you David Stern. The two malcontents have been cashing those overseas checks early, in China and Turkey respectively, possibly inspiring the current crop of defectors. While it is highly unlikely after the banner year the league just had that the entire NBA season will be lost, there is a possibility the regular season will be shortened. Never fear, people. Check out the top 5 ways to pass the time while you wait for the players and owners to kiss and make up.

5) Video Game Therapy

Fire up your favorite gaming system and get in a little NBA2K action. Sure the rookies aren’t in the game, but don’t let that stop you. What better way to make sure your favorite team wins the NBA title than by taking things into your own hands? Go ahead and channel your inner LeBron, give Kobe 50 shots in a game and break Wilt Chamberlain’s record of 100 points. Still don’t feel better?

4) Get to know the international teams

Never heard of Virtus Bologna, you say? ASVEL? Better get on Google and do some research. Yeah the Olympics are a year away, but expect to see Kobe Bryant making the trek to Italy to ball if the lockout is not over soon. Deron Williams was the first to make the leap to Turkey followed by Tony Parker (pictured right) signing with his native French team ASVEL for about $2000 a month. Talk about a recession.

3) Reminisce

No basketball? No problem. Some of the NBA stars past and present have ventured into the world of Hip Hop with, ahem, mixed results. Pass the time by dusting off that old Shaquille O’Neal single “What’s Up, Doc?” featuring The Fu-Schnickens or fire up Youtube and check out Shaq flowing with the Wu-Tang on “No Hook”. Maybe the aforementioned Allen Iverson has time to put out that oft-delayed, highly anticipated album he crafted while back with the Philadelphia 76ers under his alter ego Jewelz.  Wait, he did release it? Well, why not take a listen to “Non Fiction” and see what A.I.’s got? “40 Bars”, anyone? It can’t be any worse than Kobe rapping in Italian with Tyra Banks screeching on the hook.

2) Hoop Dreams

You got handle like CP3, you can put up points like Kevin Durant at The Rucker, and you got a one-leg fadeaway shot better than Dirk Nowitzki? If the real players won’t take the court maybe the owners will take a look at you, right? This ain’t baseball folks, no replacement players will be called in. Best to showcase your stuff at the aforementioned Rucker Park and hope Durant doesn’t catch you on camera with a pull up three.

1) Watch other sports

Welp, the good news is the NFL decided to have a season so there’s still football, but if the entire NBA season is lost what is there to watch? Fear not NBA aficionados. Figure the NFL will be over in first week of February, around the same time NASCAR has its own super bowl of racing in its very first race of the year! Who can’t get hyped for the pageantry, the prestige of the Daytona 500? Then in the middle of February baseball pitchers and catchers report to training camps for Spring Training. If that doesn’t get your juices flowing, get ready to scour the transaction wire for the wheeling and dealing that went down for the winter meetings so you can get your fantasy baseball team right. How about some bowling? That’s a favorite past time of NBA players. Take a trip down to Lucky Strike in Times Square and you may run into Carmelo Anthony or Baron Davis. At least there’s college basketball, right? Track and field?

Yeah, this lockout needs to end quickly.


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