David Stern

For the most part things have fallen into place pretty smoothly for David Stern during his time as Commissioner of the NBA. Let’s just agree to look past his controversial vetoed trade that kept Chris Paul from joining Kobe in LA, the pointless/failed attempt to introduce a new “microfiber” basketball to the league and four […]

A photo has surfaced on Reddit of NBA players Tim Duncan and Tony Parker clowning around on Halloween. Dressed as The Punisher and Nick Fury, the San Antonio Spurs players pointed toy guns at someone dressed as NBA referee Joey Crawford. Under normal circumstances this would hardly be a big deal, but when dealing with […]

According to reports the face of the NBA will be stepping down in the middle of next season. What’s that you say, Michael Jordan retired ten years ago? Negative. I am speaking of the man who arguably revolutionized the game of NBA basketball and made it a global phenomenon (still not talking about Jordan): Commissioner […]

It feels like LeBron James and D-Wade were just on the sideline chanting Rick Ross’s “Hold Me Back” as the Miami Heat won their second NBA Championship. But a week from now on October 5th the first pre-season basketball game will be played in Instanbul at Ulker Sports Arena. The Boston Celtics will be taking […]

The game of chicken between the NBA Players Association and the owners is stretching into overtime. The league’s commissioner, David Stern, announced that more games have been canceled through the end of November. No Thanksgiving showdown on NBC this year. Go To Europe To Watch Basketball? “In light of the breakdown of talks, there will […]

True to his word, Commissioner David Stern has canceled two weeks of the upcoming NBA season (100 games). More than 100 days into the NBA lockout, with no end in sight, fans want to know what is really going on? Why can’t a bunch of millionaire players and billionaire owners reach a common ground and […]

It is not looking good for the NBA. The entire preseason has been cancelled and Commissioner David Stern has threatened the loss of regular season games if a deal is not reached by Monday (Oct. 10th). A few of the league’s high profile players have already sensed the season was in jeopardy and signed on to […]

With all the added attractions to NBA All-Star Weekend (rookie-sophomore game, skills competition, etc.) everyone tunes in on Saturday night for the Slam Dunk competition. At its zenith during the mid to late eighties when great dunkers like Dominique Wilkins, Michael Jordan and Spud Webb went at it on a yearly basis, the league’s superstars […]