born To Shine HostsFor the longest time, the African-American community has expressed disappointment in the programming on television. It seems every time we turn on the television, there aren’t many faces that look like ours. If there are faces that we can relate to, it’s in the role of the hired help or  a criminal. Seeing as though the community has been talking about this for a while, Time Warner Cable is stepping up and doing its part to change the climate on television with their new talk show, Born To Shine. Born To Shine is one of the few programs on TV that sheds a positive light on African-Americans in the entertainment industry. Recently, The Urban Daily scored a behind the scenes tour of the set. We were introduced to two out of the four hosts and spoke with the crew. Here’s what we came up with as the five reasons to watch Time Warner Cable’s Born To Shine when it arrives in Time Warner Cable’s On Demand section October 18th.

It’s a program that will inspire viewers.

This show is a talk show. While most talk shows consist of celebrities coming on and telling a funny anecdote, this show is a space where stars come and share their stories of overcoming adversity. Robert Townsend related the story of how he got Hollywood Shuffle made all by using credit cards. Even if you can’t relate to their exact situation, there is a little fragment of something in every interview for a viewer to catch and in turn, become inspired to achieve their goals.

The hosts are cool.

The four hosts, Kornelius Bascombe, Isis McKenzie, Carmela King and Ashlei Stevens, were selected from open casting calls and video tapes being sent in. While at the set, I had a chance to meet Carmella King and Kornelius Bascombe. Those two were warm and personable. The sheer excitement of being there was enough for them and that kind of energy is something lots of us need when it comes to our jobs. All the hosts share a bond that takes most years to form. They did it in just a few short weeks.

The guests keep it real.

I happened to be on set as Robert Townsend and Rockmond Dunbar taped their segments. The actors talked about their struggles from before they got into the business. Stories of how close family members made them doubt their own potential and talent because said family members weren’t happy themselves. No story told on the show is sugar coated. Viewers get the unabashed truth from the guests. Part of the fun in the show is watching how the host and audience react to the guests’ statements.

The vibe is fun.

How many times have you watched a talk show and got bored because the interview is corny. You will find none of that on Born To Shine. The hosts interact with the guests as if they are long lost friends. Also, the show emphasizes the fact educating yourself is fun. Viewers will find themselves learning about different ways to pursue their dreams by listening to a hilarious conversation between two people. One of those people just happens to be famous.

The show features nothing but exclusive content.

There will be plenty of people trying to watch Born To Shine. Unfortunately, if you aren’t a Time Warner Cable customer, you won’t be able to see the exclusive programming. There is no show like this on any type of cable network. Stop frontin’. You know you want to get Time Warner Cable just for when your friends come over, you can turn this show on and say, “Man, you aint up on this?!?!?” Who doesn’t like to do that once in a while?

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