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Some 30 years after late actor/comedians Richard Pryor and John Candy starred in the comedy reboot of Brewster’s Millions, The Five Heartbeats co-writer and director, Robert Townsend has been helmed for an update. The 1902 novel was reformatted into a play in 1906, and been adapted for the big screen ten times, including the Pryor […]

The NFL is making a concerted effort to help its players transition into the film industry, along with John Singleton, Robert Townsend and Keenen Ivory Wayans. The NFL Pro Hollywood Boot Camp will take place April 2nd-5th in Los Angeles, and 20 past and present players will be involved in the project. Click here to […]

For the longest time, the African-American community has expressed disappointment in the programming on television. It seems every time we turn on the television, there aren’t many faces that look like ours. If there are faces that we can relate to, it’s in the role of the hired help or  a criminal. Seeing as though […]

His name has been in the news quite a bit this week, thanks to 2 new projects he’s developing; but for those who weren’t already aware, Spike Lee’s feature film debut, She’s Gotta Have It, released in 1986, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year! If you were already aware of that fact, did you […]

OK, so this movie may be sugary and corny as a box of corn puffs, but we love The Five Heartbeats just the same. Robert Townsend’s 1991 R&B drama was loosely based on the lives of several artists; The Dells, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Wilson Pickett, James Brown, Frankie Lymon, Sam Cooke, and David Ruffin, […]

When Robert Townsend’s Hollywood Shuffle was released in 1987, it was a hard time for African-American actors in Tinseltown.