Eyebrows are an enigma in men’s grooming because if you take care of them properly the idea is for them to go unnoticed. Anytime someone can comment on your eyebrows you’ve either done too much (“three cuts in your eyebrows tryin’ to wild out” ) or not enough (“? I moustache you a question.”) So here are some quick tips to taming the unibrow and keeping the focus where it matters.

1) Washing your face is important because there are more oils concentrated in your forehead/ eyebrow area.

2) Get comfortable trimming your eyebrows first using a tweezer, trimmer or razor. The Gillette power razor also has a precision trimmer on the back of the blade. Thickness of hair varies so you should test to see how much you need to cut first in a small area before going all in.

3) Avoid using a depilatory because you don’t want those chemicals near your eyes. Plus it’s hard to get precision without a blade or tweezer.

4) If you’re taming a unibrow, tweeze in the direction of the growth. Start at the center and pluck outward. This makes it easier to manage the amount of space between the eyebrows.

5) Brush periodically to make sure you haven’t trimmed too much. The only thing worse than unibrow is looking like this.

6) Once you have sufficient space between the brows, check to make sure your brows are of even thickness. How thick is personal preference, but remember the first rule: Your eyebrows should never be a distraction.

7) Apply something to your skin like the Gillette series conditioning balm after you tweeze, clip or shave the unibrow.


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