Emily B of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop,” revealed to Brittany C of Freddy that she is still living on her own after moving out of lover- Fabolous’ house! Fab recently spoke to Angie Martinez about his relationship with the reality star, claiming that he felt his and her relationship was in a good place. While Emily wouldn’t reveal if she and Fab are still together she did speak on her clothing line, Kimbella and what we can expect from the rest of “Love & Hip Hop.”

On why she decided to leave Fab and move out on her own:

Well of course you see me moving out on my own. I have two children and I moved on my own in New York. You know I moved here to be with Fab so for me to be here and live on my own is just an experience for me. So you get to see that and you know I just focused on me. I realized that I had to put me first and everything else would fall in place. So on this season, I had to  go out on my own, I had to be independent. I had to do me. The first step in doing me was moving out on my own which was very, very difficult.

On if there is truth to the rumors that she and Fab are back together:

Well, we have been shooting for a very long time, and we are still shooting so I don’t want to give any of that info away (laughs).

On her current feelings towards Kimbella

I have no hard feelings toward Kimbella at this point. I cannot hold on to any type of resentment toward her because if I did, I couldn’t move on. That was the past and I moved on from it. She came on the show, she told me on national TV, she accomplished her goal and that’s it. (laughs)

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