In this edition of WTF news, Keyshia Cole’s outlandish mother, Frankie Lons, has finally released a music video for her track “Frankie Leg.” As you probably already imagined, it is wild. Rocking a belly shirt, Frankie shows the hood how the Frankie Leg is done. Apparently, it doesn’t really matter if you can’t move your legs because there are people in wheelchairs doing it too. I’m still scratching my head from that too.

As crazy as the clip is, I’m going to refrain from slinging any and all crack head slander. I mean she was on Celebrity Rehab, obviously there are more than a few issues there. Frankie, keep your talents off the web and out of the realm of singing and rapping. Keyshia, you should really do something about your mom! This is ridiculous!


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