As the stockings are “hung by the chimney with care,” we at TheUrbanDaily are basking in Internet glory over the pure ratchetness that has surfaced over the year. We are taking a look back at these humorous, sometimes shocking instances over the next 12 days of Christmas, so stay tuned!

The 12 Days Of Ratchetness: “Who You Finna Try” Meets “Superbass” [VIDEO]

The characters on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop” have sky-rocketed to stardom over the course of a few months thanks to loyal fans and even bigger dramatics. Jim Jones’ mother, Mama Jones, showed her natural Harlem a** when she recorded a diss record to her son’s soon-to-be fiance Chrissy after she was upset with the way she had been treated by the boisterous female. Let’s just say, Jim Jones don’t get it from his momma!

Check out the ratchetness below:

“Love & Hip Hop” Episode 4: Olivia Still Seems Arrogant [VIDEO]

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