We all saw this coming. Jim, Chrissy, and Mama Jones have all walked away from the hit VH1 reality show. Mama Jones gave an interview with a radio station where she talked about her upcoming projects. The other of Dipset Capo Jim Jones is working on a chap stick line, continuing work on her Psychotic […]

Actor/comedian Mike Epps is never one to shy away from controversy. He stopped in Houston on a comedy tour and had some choice words about our favorite reality television mom. Epps went in on Jim Jones’ mother by saying she looked like Freddy Kreuger and imitating Mama Jones’ gravelly voice. Then put Chrissy Lampkin in […]

So much for the idea of the ladies of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop coming together for a conversation about their combative second season (i.e. cursing each other out and potentially scrapping on set). It appears that multiple members of the cast have refused to be in the same room together — leaving producers scrambling […]

Mama Jones, the oldest member of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop” cast, is getting a reality show of her own. When we first met her on season one of “Love & Hip Hop,” Mama Jones was known for being the mother of Jim Jones and his now-fiancee Chrissy’s nemesis. Catch Mama Jones Ballin’ Out Of Control […]

Last week, we were drawn to the computers screens as Twitter beef with Mama Jones and Olivia brewed. The beef grew intense as both ladies ended up cursing each other out. In an interview with Trey White of Q93.3, Mama Jones spoke on her relationship with Olivia: “I think she is rude….and maybe she thinks […]

“Love & Hip Hop” co-stars Mama Jones and Olivia are going at it on Twitter! Mama Jones fired the first shots, and she seems to be beyond upset with Olivia for doing a brief imitation of her in the last episode. When Olivia and Emily were talking to Chrissy about the night Jim Jones proposed […]

As the stockings are “hung by the chimney with care,” we at TheUrbanDaily are basking in Internet glory over the pure ratchetness that has surfaced over the year. We are taking a look back at these humorous, sometimes shocking instances over the next 12 days of Christmas, so stay tuned! The 12 Days Of Ratchetness: […]

For those that don’t know, Mama Jones is the mother of Dipset Capo, Jim Jones. She gained popularity after constantly arguing with Jim Jones’ girlfriend, Chrissy, on the show Love & Hip Hop. In the battle between mother and girlfriend, Mama Jones released a diss track where she blasted Chrissy over perceived disrespect. All of […]

We all seen how upset Mama Jones was when she was left out of the plans of Chrissy’s proposal to Jim Jones on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop. Mama Jones still feels that Chrissy is a selfish bit*h and is ready to put her feelings on wax. She says the diss record is for all […]