Four years ago America voted in it’s first Black President, but as great as Barack Obama is on the mic, he isn’t quite a hip-hop prez. In early 2008 the anticipation of his candidacy was so high that TheUrbandaily took a note from Rakim’s rhyme book and nominated some of hip-hop’s biggest names for Commander-In-Chief. Take a look back with us and see if our choices were warranted. Who would you add to the list now?

10. 50 Cent

Party Affiliation: G-Unit

Endorsements: G-Unit

Campaign Slogan: “Get Rich or Die Tryin”

Why he’s qualified: He made a boatload of money, went to war and saw his approval ratings take a hit, which makes him at least as ready as George Bush.

9. David Banner

Party Affiliation: Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

Endorsements: Fannie Lou Hamer, Lil John

Campaign Slogan: “A Cadillac on 22s in every garage…”

Why he’s qualified: Has spoken to Congress in defense of hip-hop and by declaring that he’d “kick Jesse Jackson’s son’s ass” there is no doubt that he’ll go to the mat for his constituents.

8. T.I.

Party Affiliation: Black Republican

Endorsements: NRA

Campaign Slogan: “You can have whatever you like…”

Why he’s qualified:

As a firm supporter of the 2nd Amendment, Clifford Harris may just be conservative enough to win the red states of the south. And if you’ve seen his baby momma Tiny, you know without a doubt that he values substance and character over the superficial.

7. Kanye West

Party Affiliation: Galactic Empire

Endorsements: Senator Palpatine

Campaign Slogan: “Can’t Tell Me Nothing…”

Why he’s qualified:

After telling white folks that it was ok to say the N-word as they sang along to his hit “Gold Digga,” Kanye turned around and told a national TV audience that “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people.” That’s the kind of bipartisan thinking that wins elections. And maybe a few light saber battles.

6. Ice Cube

Party Affiliation: Democratic

Endorsements: NWA

Campaign Slogan: “A bird in the hand is worth more than a Bush.”

Why he’s qualified: Anyone that you’d trust to drive your kids across country but still put one in the air with can’t be bad. Plus being savvy enough to slang bean pies and St. Ides in the same sentence demonstrates his willingness to “reach across the aisle.”

5. Chuck D

Party Affiliation: Freedom Party

Endorsements: Flavor Flav

Campaign Slogan: “Fight The Power”

Why he’s qualified: If one of your best friends walks around with a Viking helmet, a large clock and dates women who defecate on the floor, yet people still look at YOU as a voice of reason, you are politically scandal proof.

4. Lil Wayne

Party Affiliation: The Green Party

Endorsements: NAMBLA

Campaign Slogan: “I ain’t neva been a chicken but my semi cocked…”

Why he’s qualified:The Young Money millionaire can fix the national economy in one night at Magic City. Make it rain and watch it trickle down.

3. Murs

Party Affiliation: Independent

Endorsements: Living Legends, PETA

Campaign Slogan: “Murs For President”

Why he’s qualified: He’s the only vegan with dreadlocks that doesn’t do spoken word and burn incense. (Murs has since cut his locks but we’d still vote for him.)

2. Bun B

Party Affiliation: Underground Kingz

Endorsements: J Prince

Campaign Slogan: “Pimp C for life”

Why he’s qualified: On his solo debut Trill the Port Arthur MC beat Barack Obama to the punch and kicked off his CD with “The Inauguration” where he sampled “Hail to The Chief” and declared “What happened in New Orleans should never happen again.” He can single-handedly restore the country’s faith in leadership from Texas.

1. Jay-Z

Party affiliation: Black Republicans

Endorsements: Jack & Jill of America

Campaign Slogan: “Dumb it down and double your dollars”

Why he’s qualified: Def Jam Presidency? Nah. Beyonce as a first lady? A bonus, but not the selling point. He shot his brother in the shoulder when he was 12 for stealing from him. That’s national security for that ass.


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