In July of this year rapper Murs released the video to his song “Animal Style” where he addressed the isolation of the gay community and tragic consequences of intolerance. Going where no rapper has gone before, Murs kissed a man in the video to drive his point home, but what did his wife think of […]

Looks like change is coming slowly but surely in the Hip Hop community when it comes to gay acceptance. Right on the heels of Frank Ocean’s coming out, indie rapper Murs features a gay romance in his music video for “Animal Style.” MUST READ: 5 Things You Should (Probably) Know About Frank Ocean In the […]

Four years ago America voted in it’s first Black President, but as great as Barack Obama is on the mic, he isn’t quite a hip-hop prez. In early 2008 the anticipation of his candidacy was so high that TheUrbandaily took a note from Rakim’s rhyme book and nominated some of hip-hop’s biggest names for Commander-In-Chief. […]

NFL running back Arian Foster has much to celebrate. His Houston Texans defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 31-10 for their first playoff victory in franchise history. Foster was key to the victory running for 153 yards and scoring two touchdowns. Adding some fun to the equation DJ Sour Milk of the L.A. Leakers posed the question […]

If you’d told me as a kid that any of my teachers liked to play video games I’d have given you the classic Gary Coleman “wachutalkinboutwyllis” look. It would have been even stranger if you told me said teacher was IN one of my favorite video games. But as the generation that grew up on […]

Los Angeles’ MURS and Raleigh’s 9th Wonder have teamed up for their fourth project together, ForNever.

On his latest CD, Murs For President, the Warner Bros Records MC shows a better understanding of America’s ills than some of the real-life candidates. Listen to the lyrics from his cut “The Science” for proof.