In July of this year rapper Murs released the video to his song “Animal Style” where he addressed the isolation of the gay community and tragic consequences of intolerance. Going where no rapper has gone before, Murs kissed a man in the video to drive his point home, but what did his wife think of it?

“My wife was like go for it, because she didn’t think I’d be able to do it,” Murs told Sway In The Morning. “‘You don’t even know yourself’ and she was right because after that first kiss I was like naaah. This ain’t for me. [But] We got our point across….”

Murs told Sway that his goal in making video was to convey the point that everybody should able to be who they are.  Seventeen-year-old kids should not be killing themselves because society is making them feel uncomfortable.

“When I did that video it made a lot of people uncomfortable, but it started a conversation,” says Murs.  Watch the full interview below and the video for “Animal Style” after.

Murs, “Animal Style”

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