Rapper/actor Ice-T is known for having some wild opinions and theory. He’s come out and said he believes Hillary Clinton will be the next president. After Barack Obama gets re-elected, of course. Here’s the story:

Regardless of the outcome of the presidential primaries, Ice-T already has his mind made up about the forthcoming election. The rapper and actor, who is making his directorial debut at the Sundance Film Festival with the documentary “Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap,” says he expects President Barack Obama to be re-elected. After that, he predicts Hillary Clinton will be the next president.

The 53-year-old entertainer said, “She did the Secretary of State job, she was a G, she held it down, she didn’t cry,” referring to the former New York Senator with the hip-hop term for gangster (a positive thing). “Obama will support her,” he said, “and she’ll be the first woman president.”

I wonder how Hillary Clinton feels about being called a G. Does she even know what that means in hip-hop culture?



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