We all know that before Amber Rose was dating Kanye West, she was a stripper at a very young age. But before she was brought to fame by her high profile relationships, Rose was a modest young girl living in Philadelphia.

Rose grew up poor, and was raised by her single mother, but she didn’t let that get her down.

“We didn’t have much as far as material things,” Rose told YRB magazine in 2010. “But we had love and we had fun all the time. [My mother] raised me to have confidence and always taught me to be humble no matter what God brought my way. I’m confident in everything I do in life.”

Watch Amber Rose speak with Hot1079Philly’s Kendra G.

Since then Amber has been featured in several music videos including Ludacris’ ‘What Them Girls Like.’ Her unique appearance of Italian and Cape Verdian descent landed her a semi nude photo spread for Smooth Magazine, and more recently she posed nude for a Louis Vuitton print advertisement.  She was also a celebrity judge on Smirnoff’s “Master of The Mix” DJ competition.

Rose is currently dating rapper Wiz Khalifa, and had a debut single entitled, “Fame,” which came out last month.


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