Actor/comedian Chris Tucker has dug himself into a deep tax hole. He owes Uncle Sam $12 million in back taxes. Tucker was already delinquent on paying fedreal taxes to the tune of $11,571,909.26. That total accumulated from the years of 2001-2002 and 2004-2006.

 As soon as he wrapped his head around that number, the state of Georgia filed a tax lien against the Rush Hour actor for $592,594.82. This tax lien stems from Tucker not paying taxes in 2007. The combined total of Chris Tucker’s tax liens comes out to about $12,164,504.08.

It’s a good thing Chris Tucker started doing movies again because if he doesn’t pay up soon, his new mansion will be an 8×10 jail cell. How many times do celebrities have to mess with the government until they realize the government doesn’t play about their money?

Spotted at Black Thespian.


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