Staten Island artist, Kofi Black, is always on the move. That is actually an understatement. When The Urban Daily caught up with the 26 year old R&B crooner, he was walking into his house after filming a video for a song off his mixtape, Love Crazy. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s figure out who exactly Kofi Black is.

The first R&B singer on Raekwon’s Ice H2O imprint, Kofi Black is a young man who didn’t begin to take his craft seriously until he was in high school. Don’t get him wrong, he’s always loved music. He just didn’t take it seriously until people started really paying attention to his voice. Being paid attention is something Kofi believes is invaluable. It’s partially the reason he signed with Raekwon instead of a major label, despite having a few offers from them. “I had offers from the majors, but Raekwon is different. The majors would just look at me as someone on the roster. Meanwhile, Raekwon is more like my older brother. He really pays attention. He’s like, “This is where you’re at.” and I don’t have to go through any drama. He did exactly what I asked,” the “Love Your Crazy” singer communicated.

Having been a background vocalist for singers like Joe before and having watched them from behind the scenes allowed Kofi the time to define his wants and needs inside of the music industry. Being the singer behind the star showed Kofi Black that the real money is to be made in songwriting. With dreams of making it as a singer-songwriter, he holds artists like Smokey Robinson, Ne-Yo, and Rico Love as people whose career to follow in the footsteps of. The aforementioned singer-songwriters are stars because of their creativity and individuality.

Individuality is something Kofi Black has a lot of. What you see is what you get with him. “I am me at all times. Anyone that personally knows me, knows that in every song that’s me. That’s Kofi. My swag is more about empowerment. I’m gonna tell you what I’ve been through. Look through Kofi’s window and this is what happened.” With all of the formulaic music out now. Being true to who you are is a breath of fresh air. Raekwon thinks so too.

After you listen to his music, check out Kofi Black’s Twitter and Facebook pages.


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